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Vibroacoustic Therapy

Transform Lives with Vibrational Healing
Become a Certified Vibroacoustic Therapist.

This course is designed for people who wish to become certified in the use of sound (vibroacoustic) therapy for alleviating the symptoms of numerous illnesses including Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and numerous other neurodegenerative diseases. 

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Vibroacoustic Therapy

is an alternative therapy in which vibrations are used to treat the mind and body. For this, musical and vibratory instruments or chants are used. These, applied to the energy fields of the body, unlock stagnant energy.

Sound can modify energy frequencies by increasing it.


The entire universe is in a state of vibration, including the human body: every organ, bone, cell, and every other part of the body has a healthy vibration rate.


The person you want to be, the life you want to live, and the legacy you want to leave in your later years...

Is Cultivated Now!

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