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In Brain Health Matters your holistic well-being takes center stage.

Discover innovative methods that nurture your physical, emotional, and mental health.


Can We Put Anxiety and Old Habits to Rest?

December 28, 2023|Aging, anxiety, Brain Health, Creativity, Dementia, Depression, Exercise, Memory, Mental Health, Mindset, Sleep, Social Isolation, Stress.

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earth grounding
Connect to the Earth for a Healthier Brain
December 1, 2023|Alzheimer's, anxiety, Earthing, Grounding, Immune System, Sleep.
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Beverly Yates Card_edited
Diabetes and Alzheimer's - A Frightening Connection

November 2, 2023|Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Diet, Exercise, Obesity, Sleep, Stress
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thin juice

A Healthier Weight for a Happier Brain

October 10, 2023|Aging, Alzheimer's, Brain Health, Dementia, Diet, Environment, Exercise, Meditation, Mindfulness, Mindset, Obesity, Toxins, Vegan Diet

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