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Build a Better Brain

Unlock Your Brain's Potential
Rediscover Memory, Energy, and Vitality.

Whether you are 50 or 70, influences like poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and social isolation can cause forgetfulness, difficulty making choices, and even depression-like symptoms.
Fortunately, most of the time, we can correct these issues with simple lifestyle changes.

And that's what Building a Better Brain is all about.

By enrolling in this comprehensive private program, you will nurture your Body, Mind and Spirit as you learn and incorporate the secrets to improving your memory, having more energy and feeling physically stronger and healthier.


Six Months of Education and Support

A Healthy Brain starts with a Healthy Gut, and we work on that right from the beginning, but there is much, much more in this fun and delicious whole-foods, plant-based program.

Following the program means committing to a series of small changes every week that will culminate in a big change in your health and your future at the end of our time together. You will learn recipes, get great ideas for learning new things, and even experience music in a new way.


Each week, we will meet online to discuss your progress, plan your next steps, share stories, ask questions, get support, and learn new ways to look after your brain, and those of our family members.

Friends On A Walk

Quantitative Results.

By the end of this program, you will have implemented the techniques and have the tools to improve your memory and cognition and protect your brain so you can enjoy a healthier, more vibrant future.

 You'll understand the risk factors so you can reduce or eliminate them and take control of your own brain health with the prongs of our three-part strategy that keep the mind sharp and the body strong.

With every choice we make, we make our brains healthier, or we increase the risk of developing dementia. With this program, you will be fully equipped and supported to make the right decisions every time. 

What Graduates of the

Build a Better Brain Program are Saying

Igniting a Passion for Learning

Kate, you truly have a gift for helping people in such a tangible way!! I smiled as I finished my 4th book this year already....may not be a lot to some but it is huge for me!  AND I have been doing webinars regularly as well! I feel "hungry " for knowledge since it is actually sticking in my head now!!!


In this time together, we will discover if this is a good fit for us to work together, how you can set realistic goals, and ways to get started in your brain-healthy lifestyle.

Book your free 30 minute consultation with Kate.
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