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Books To Power Your Brain

Memory Loss Doesn't Have to Be Your Destiny.
Discover the Power of Brain Fitness.

As powerful and wondrous as our brains are, though, they are completely dependent on the choices we make every day with respect to the food we eat, the sounds we hear, the actions we do and the company we keep.  

That’s why these books were written to help you understand how to increase your cognitive abilities and live your life to its fullest potential.

The Musical Brain

The Musical Brain

An Inspiring Path to a Better Brain and a Healthier Life.

Music is much more than a diversion or a pleasant accompaniment to our lives. By singing, dancing, listening mindfully, and especially playing a musical instrument, you will enhance your ability to learn, remember, and improve your health now, while protecting your brain for the future.

This book is filled with fun and easy action steps that you can take right away. Most of them are things you can incorporate into your life with little or no extra time, and they will help you improve your memory, cut the brain fog and reduce stress.

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In The Musical Brain, also learn to appreciate the sounds of silence, which can actually inspire the growth of new brain cells! And you’ll be able to analyze your environment so that you can recognize the sounds and frequencies, including music, that can be helpful OR detrimental to your physical and mental health.

From there, you’ll be equipped to deal with those distractions in a healthy way to protect your brain and improve your ability to concentrate, plan, and make decisions.

You’ll also learn how to listen mindfully, which is one of the most powerful ways to boost your memory and your ability to interpret and act on new information.

The Musical Brain is available everywhere in eBook format on Amazon.

Start Your Journey Here 

With Five Key Steps to a Happier, Healthier Brain and a More Memorable Future. 
Don't Let the Memories Fade

Don't Let The Memories Fade

In "Don't Let the Memories Fade," Kate Kunkel invites readers on a captivating journey, unveiling a holistic approach that holds the key to preventing dementia and illuminating a path towards a healthier, more vibrant future. With groundbreaking research and heartfelt personal anecdotes, this book presents a unique perspective that intertwines the powers of a vegan diet, music, mindfulness, and movement.

Drawing from intensive studies and real-life experiences, Kate underscores the undeniable role of nutrition in preserving cognitive function. 

With expert guidance and an array of delectable plant-based recipes, readers discover the transformative potential of a vegan lifestyle to nourish the brain, enhance overall well-being, and ward off the insidious grip of dementia.

Don't Let the Memories Fade is available everywhere on Amazon, in eBook or paperback format.

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We can never be too careful about the products we use when preparing food, as toxins are serious brain-health stealers. That's why these ceramic pans and  knives are the ONLY things I use when cooking for my family now. 

You can view my demonstration by clicking here

The Vegan Brain
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The Vegan Brain

Your Quick Start Guide to a Thriving Plant-Based Lifestyle.

Book Four in the Healthy Brain Series

86 Billion Reasons to Go Vegan  

Everything we do depends on the health of our brains, so if the 86 billion neurons housed in them aren’t healthy, then life is going to be hard. 

In this book, you’ll learn the basics of that powerful whole-foods vegan lifestyle and how to ensure you have the essential nutrients important for good all-around health. Perhaps even more importantly, you will see how your choices can reduce suffering for countless animals and help to create a kinder, more compassionate and sustainable world.

To help you make the best choices to nurture a healthier body and brain, Bredesen ReCode Coach, Certified Amen Brain Health Professional and Vegan Nutritionist, Kate Kunkel, has enhanced this powerful guide with the infamous Meal Plan Jumble. Kate created this tool to mix and match meals from the dozens of delicious recipes that make it fun and easy to stick with this compassionate, healthy lifestyle.

You’ll learn exactly what nutrients are essential and how to obtain them from plant foods and see how these nutrients help reduce inflammation, hormone imbalances, and other risk factors in the body that can contribute to cognitive decline, memory loss, and brain fog.

The Vegan Brain, 2nd Edition, is available everywhere in eBook format on Amazon.

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